The advantages of solid alcohol

Time:2017-10-24 12:00:00

Solid alcohol, due to its ease of use, transportation and portability, low environmental pollution when burned and high safety compared with liquid alcohol, is widely used in catering, tourism and field work as a solid fuel.

At low temperatures, stearic acid does not dissolve completely and solid alcohol can not be obtained. Stearic acid dissolves at 30 ° C but takes longer. And two liquids immediately after the formation of solid alcohol mixture, due to the curing speed is too fast, resulting in poor product uniformity. As the temperature increases, the cured product becomes more and more uniform. At 60 ° C, the two liquids do not solidify immediately after they are mixed, so the solution can be mixed very homogenously. After mixing, the alcohol is continuously solidified during the natural cooling process, resulting in a uniform solid alcohol.

You can make the solid alcohol is still in the burning of solid state. This greatly improves the safety of solid alcohol in use, while reducing costs, in some cases you can use plastic bags instead of metal or plastic drum packaging.

Especially in the field work or travel, you can directly put the solid alcohol on the iron or brick burning without having to Sheng in iron drum, with special ease. When the amount of stearic acid was increased, solid alcohol burned with a layer of non-flammable hard film formation, preventing the flow of alcohol, while maintaining the solid state of alcohol.

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